From websites and booking systems to mobile applications and firmware

We understand, that sometimes business, especially small business, gets stuck in a vicious circle of not having enough budget for boosting online sales and leads generation that would be making enough to have such budget. As a result business just marks time and not going any further for months and years.

Understanding such pain so well, we know how to work efficiently keeping the costs low and be flexible, but at the same time deliver great software products for small and medium size business.

Originating from Russia, we bring to Fiji best “Russian school” software development practices and creative, sometimes daring approaches. We don't do WordPress. We develop WordPress grade of products ourselves, we create projects and startup from scratch. tailoring them precisely up to customer's requirements. Our technological stack includes Ruby on Rails or Golang for backend API and Javascript, Typescript, Vue 3, Ionic 5 and Capacitor or Leaflet for application frontend and user interface.


For traditional website development we mostly use our very own Content Management System called Stardust that is website perfect launchpad for tourism industry, real estate, food and beverage, automotive, logistics and many other type of businesses. Our services aren't just simple adaptation of some universal template to the need of your business, it's more like tailor made suite. It looks presentable, it's modular and easily scalable without braking the bank, it's very ergonomic and easy when it comes to updating the information and it delivers great business results, serving real customers and making sales, not just hanging idle, looking pretty.

Every website we create is not just a good looking set of pages to please directors and business owners. They are interactive and serve the purpose they were created, the purpose of pushing your business forward.

Mobile applications

For mobile application development we use PWA (Progressive Web Application) approach that significantly reduces costs of development. When hiring us to develop your full set of mobile apps, you not only getting apps for smartphones, but also an application, that your customer can install on their PC. Whether it be Windows, MacOS or Lunux systems. It includes mobile and desktop friendly website, Android and iOS applications all together from one codebase.

Check out an example of simple PWA that we developed not for some company, but for the whole Fiji community. 
We call it Turani App and Turani can look after all your water and electricity bills in Fiji. Not only yours but all the long list of properties you might have.

Contact us for more details about Progressive Web Applications development for your business in Fiji