Extensive experience in designing, implementing, and deploying data driven applications for small businesses

We are small, but highly efficient team of IT professionals.  

We design and develop PWA (Progressive Web Applications), mobile phone applications and services, API, networks, telematics and information systems, IoT and M2M networks. We use various stacks of matured and cutting edge technologies.

Most of us started our path in computer science and information technology in late 90s, so through the decades we gained extensive expertise and knowledge, participating in numerous projects in telematics, informatics, telecommunication sectors, including e-commerce, software development, various environments and complexity computer networks engineering, installations and administration, took part in specific information security projects, IoT projects, mobile development, business process automation, and electronic payment systems.

Our wide range of skills and expertise stretches from network engineering and administration to low level programming of micro controllers and ARM boards like Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi etc, remote Linux servers administration, information security, software engineering, web and mobile applications development, enterprise information systems integration, geo-location services and assets tracking, remote equipment monitoring and so on.

We constantly learn and keep up with latest technologies and adopt them when we think it's necessary and it brings long term benefits.

Some of us located in Russia, some in Europe and US, some in the South Pacific region (Fiji)

Our Fiji based unit has accumulated years of experience, working in tourism sector, developing various bespoke solutions, micro services and information systems, providing consulting services for local tourism industry, helping small and medium size enterprises to effectively compete with the mighty ones, improving efficiency, transparency and control over different aspects of business.

Contact us for free consultation if you need

  • to improve your business processes efficiency, productivity and transparency through information technology and automation
  • to reduce time wasted in daily business operations routines
  • to setup and maintain complex electronic and computerised equipment
  • to reduce losses either caused by employees negligence or malice intentions
  • to develop or re-design your business website or online store, so you'd finally started receiving real sales online, not just hanging somewhere on the Internet idling
  • a second opinion and analysis regarding quotations and bills you receive from your current IT and telecom contractors and suppliers
  • a consultation regarding your current information technology challenges
  • experienced, reliable, responsible and reasonably priced contractor for your new or ongoing information infrastructure projects
  • to develop a mobile application specifically to improve logistics, vehicle, vessel, staff and other assets monitoring
  • to develop geo-location services for food and goods delivery apps, taxi service, car rental, or other assets positioning and tracking needs
  • cost effective control and telemetry tools for your remove equipment
  • build and develop M2M (machine to machine) network
  • to effectively advertise your business online and on social media

We will be gradually adding more sections and materials on this website, describing the projects we're currently involved and solutions we have already to offer, but for now just drop us an email or contact us through Facebook Messenger if you think we might be capable of developing something good for you. Lest talk and discuss it.