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What is digital signage, what types of digital signs we can use and what is the cost effective use of different types of digital signs

What is digital signage

Digital signage is the evolution of traditional signs that people have been using for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Unlike traditional signs, digital signage helps to save time, money and material resources (that also helps to save the environment a bit). Digital sign in a simplest form is a computer or TV screen repeatedly or statically displaying graphical or animated video content, delivering message or information to the viewer.

In a very basic, kind of primitive form, digital sign can be just an LED ticker or teletext displaying a short line of text or one sentence, that runs from one side of the ticker box to another repeatedly. In the most complicated form of digital signage, we probably can have hundreds and thousands TV screens, TV panels, timelines, big outdoor screens connected to the digital signage control system over the internet, showing specific content at specific time simultaneously or being grouped to regional clusters and display content distributed and propagated to each screen through the internet automatically. One system can handle hundreds of media devices. Some of them can be static advertisement screens, some mobile information panels in the trains, planes.

Here are some samples of what we call - digital signs:

  • stock exchange boards
  • restaurant menu screens in McDonald's that changes menu automatically during the day
  • all sort of outdoor and indoor advertisement screens
  • information kiosks
  • electronic street sighs and billboards

Digital signs advantages

The main advantage of a digital sign is reusable medium. With traditional sign you have to print and re-print your sign every time the information changes. Sometimes a significant, but frequent change can cost you hundreds and thousands dollars depending on the amount of signs you need to update.

Using an electronic display for displaying a sign, you can update your signs without printing. The only extra costs you will be having is paying the sign designer for designing a new sign or updating the existing one and probably a digital sign maintenance company for updating your signs if you don't do it yourself.

Digital signs disadvantages 

The initial cost of purchase and installation. It may seem to be a disadvantage at first, that the cost of digital sign equipment can be quite high at the beginning, but it all will pay itself quickly not having to print the new signs every time to make changes.

If you think that digital signage is what you need, please contact us for a free consultation regarding how digital signage can help your business and make it more profitable by reducing your advertisement and signage costs. 

In the next blog post we will explain what digital signage solutions is the best for specific business cases.

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